Happy Monday! Today let me share a bit of Modigliani for Monday inspiration. I am totally inspired to do a bit of painting and wanted to share the lovely art vibes with all of you and how it all came about. I happened across Dirty Footprints Studio‘s Art Journal Love video on Youtube, introducing Modigliani and how his work inspired her art journal pages. I was really captured by his paintings of women, bold lines but overall soft blurry, feel to it…really interesting contrast in my eyes.

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I decided to do a bit more digging about Modigliani and learned that he was an Italian artist, but mainly worked in France. Known for his figurative paintings and modern style of mask-like faces and elongated forms, he had a hard life with addiction issues…so sad! Originally from Livorno, Italy (literally just an hour away from where I am now) I realized what a small world we live in. However, I suppose living in Italy means there’s probably a million old world artists who grew up “near” where I live now!

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Looking at Mogidliani’s work makes me wonder why he might have loved to paint portraits of women. Perhaps because he started as a sculptor rather than a painter…or perhaps it was influence from being very close to his mom or the countless ladies of his life in Paris?

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I also love to draw portraits of women, although all imaginary from my mind rather than actual portraits. I feel there is so much to learn from Mogidliani’s work and style. It feels very free and sketchy to me and I always try to find ways to loosen up – I can get very tightened up at times. I find myself making up  stories for his women…what about you? I’m also inspired to go paint some women now, but I hope you can also find inspiration from his work. And of course don’t forget to have fun with the process. Ciao ciao!