Sometimes I get sucked into the bloghopping game. One link leads to another and suddenly hours have passed and I’ve been surfing without reason or aim. Eeek! Definitely not a productivity booster, but thankfully I have learned to control myself a bit. However, every once in a while I do let myself go at the random exploration. I’m always bound to find bits of inspiration here and there that makes it totally worth the time.

The biggest thing for me was coming across this old article and interview of Pamela Zagarenski and I am totally, utterly in love with her work. I want to be able to create such wonderful imagery one day…wow…wow…WOW! Her work is a HUGE inspiration for me.

A Speckle of Twisted Whimsy is the blog of Tara Ross and I love her journal pages with lots of bold colors…it just makes me smile.

I also like this article about Intrinsic Motivation by Ali Hale. It’s so important to understand what motivates you and to learn how to nurture those feelings.

Then I happened upon this blog and totally in awe of the detail.

Finally…super funny drawings, like a one-panel comic for each post. You gotta see it!

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