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InCoWriMo is shorthand for International Correspondence Writing Month and it happens February of each year. The point is to write a letter, card or note to someone every single day of the month.

I have participated on and off with various snail mailing and correspondence challenges over the years and although I always find it challenging to keep up, I know from experience that participating means that I will write and send more mail than if I just passed.

I don’t know if multiple people are claiming the name but I found multiple references to this letter writing challenge and multiple websites! There is and – is it two groups promoting the same thing? And of course there is also the LetterMo challenge – same exact idea really. I don’t know who started first or if they just have different names for different groups who like to participate together, but I can understand that February is a popular month for challenges given that it has the least number of days in the year. Trying to help everyone succeed, right?

Regardless, you can definitely participate with whatever challenge or group you choose. They all provide some resources to help you prepare and get started. Namely, it would help to write a list of who you want to write to, get mailing addresses ready, prep stationery/cards/postcards and mailing stamps at hand!

Personally, I don’t think I will make it to the post office or post box every day, so will probably do every couple of days or weekly drops. As with all challenges, you can follow the rules strictly, or just make up your own. Because the point is to doing something enjoyable and not beat yourself up!

I noticed that Boho Berry blogged about InCoWriMo with a giveaway and so did Goulet Pens. I also noticed that quite a few folks in the letter writing community blogged about the upcoming event, so there are groups popping up if you want to join a smaller group who will write to each other. It’s just another way to do some pen pal writing for this month of intense letter writing!

For my own contribution, I would love to share a printable stationery set, so you can prepare for your month of letter writing. I took my Rosie the Riveter drawing and colored her up to design a set of printable stationery for you. There are lined and blank pages as well as the matching envelope. You can easily print out the stationery in advance for the month of February. Just download your paper size below and enjoy!

Download FREEBIE Rosie the Riveter Stationery Set

Rosie Stationery Set LETTER PDF   | Rosie Stationery Set A4 PDF

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InCoWriMo 2017 - International Correspondence Writing Month 2017