I’ve heard it said many times… that life is a routine and our bodies thrive on consistency. Haven’t you heard that it’s the key to success? Creative masters always share their seemingly mundane rituals or routines that keep them going strong. Is that actually the case for you?

Although I completely understand consistency, hard work and the need to get things done… I still find it really hard to stick to a specific routine-based lifestyle. Not that my days are chaotic and unpredictable. I certainly get up every morning around the same time, dine at the same times and have “office hours” that fit with my family’s lifestyle. But beyond that general framework, I can’t say that I have routines that apply every single day. I tend to go through phases, projects, ups and downs, ins and outs.

Does that mean I’m still in the growing stage, not fully mature in my creative life? I suppose if you step back and look at your life, there will always be some kind of pattern that shows up. The more you zoom in, the more inconsistent it may seem. While reading a post by Susannah Conway about her move, I realize that perhaps routine consists of those little things we don’t even realize or take notice of. The day-to-day functions that are disrupted only if we uproot ourselves. Maybe that is what “routine life” refers to.

On the other hand, I think we are always changing, growing, morphing and transforming with the times. It might be slow going for some or fast paced for others, but it happens inevitably. We can’t fight the future, right? After all, routine life sounds pretty bland and boring. Women like Marie Forleo and Danielle LaPorte always say that their lives go a bit crazy before big launches or during intense product creation. It’s NOT routine and tranquility all the time, but they probably have something that keeps them heading in the right direction and grounded.

Do you have rituals and routines that are set in stone? Do they change over time or how often do you let yourself loose? I wonder if some of us are made to be free spirits while others thrive under schedules and more planned lifestyles. I don’t think I’ve figured it out for myself yet…