A long while back I had started doodling daily birds. It was an arbitrary subject and truthfully started with a simple circle. The circle turned into a cute birdie and I decided to just run with the theme and draw a different styled birdie every day. The practice lasted for quite some time and I still have my stack of ATC cards of birdie drawings lying around…


When I decided to break out of the birdie theme, somehow I lost the momentum and soon enough the practice wasn’t daily anymore. I honestly don’t think you have to be so rigid as to do something daily… after all, life can intervene. This past week has been a bit too eventful for me. A loss in the family, updates on the baby, reorg of our house… all the activity has made me realize how easily I am tired out in my third trimester of pregnancy. Probably not a shock, but it turns out there are physical limits to what I should be doing – I just don’t like to admit it. Oif!

So in cleaning house, I came across my stack of birdie ATCs. Then I started doodling some more and really want to get back to these cute birdie drawings. It was something that was fun, easy and made me smile at the end of the day. It’s sort of low pressure, but still with purpose when it comes to pursuing my creative biz.

Maybe they are too simple? Too easy? But I suppose, with everything going on in my life, it’s a nice and straightforward creative practice that I can handle… probably even when baby comes as well. It all started with a simple circle and I’m really feeling like I need simplicity these days. It’s pretty amazing what can be created from the simplest start and less can more more.

What do you think about my birdies? Perhaps they can turn into watercolor ACEOs? Mini acrylic paintings? Digital stamps or art prints? I really do adore them and have been thinking of how I can send them out into the world somehow. It’s been on my mind this past weekend.


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