I’m realizing that I’ve never posted my own entry to The Global Talent Search by Lilla Rogers… so here it is finally – it’s a doggy dog world journal cover by yours truly.


It’s totally inspired by my westie dog, Vash. It’s not easily to illustrate a white furbaby, but I’ve always wanted to create westie themed items. From there I branched off into other dogs and what it would be like to see them hanging out in a playground. Silly, fun, sort of back-to-school style illustration for me. I realize that I might have gone overboard with the pink background… too girly girl?

Well, I didn’t make the cut for the competition, but a fellow MATS classmate blogged about a bunch of us unsemi-finalists and really I’m grateful to have pushed myself to create check out Ashley’s blog┬áto see all the beautiful journal designs. You would buy a journal with those designs, right?

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