Oh, sigh! I don’t mean to complain… just wanted to share my thoughts… so here goes…

With my limited free time as a new mom, still learning the ropes… I’ve found that my scrapbooking has really taken a back seat. It’s especially frustrating because there’s so much more that I want to remember and record NOW! Urghh…

We’ve been chatting in the 2ps forum on this topic and I’ve received a lot of encouragement. Hopefully, I can find a happy medium and find my scrapbooking mojo again. I’ve already started journaling digitally, so at least I have something written down. Although sometimes it’s even hard to remember what happened in one day!

I suppose, at some point in our lives – or more than just one point really – we have to resign to the fact that we get older, have less time, have more responsibilities, etc and with those changes means inevitable life changes. Boo!!!

“I don’t wanna grow up… I’m a toys r us kid…” That’s the tune that has been ringing in my mind… LOL!

So I’m thinking to scrapbook with a mix of regular papers and pocket scrapbooking. The only problem is that I have tried pocket scrapbooking and it can be sort of annoying. I don’t even like cutting things to pocket size. I have some ideas, but everything needs to be tested. Wish me luck as I will report back soon!

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