Been thinking about how so many things in our lives are subject to perspective. You look at a situation in one way and it’s all roses. You look at it in another way and it can be tragic and dramatic. I feel as if we actually have so much power over how we feel. Despite external events, how we react and take in the stimulus is very much up to us, isn’t it?

If I’m always lamenting about how I don’t have time and can’t get what I want done… well, life is going to be pretty miserable, isn’t it?


If I take the sunny side perspective, the whole landscape changes. I’ll do what I can, when I can. Something is better than nothing. There’s this psychological control that we have over ourselves and perhaps many of us don’t make use of it…

Hmm. So it’s all about perspective, right? Do you see the cup half empty of half full? Both?

As I’m learning to live with a newborn in our life, I’m realizing my fears of having no time for anything are totally unfounded. Sure, I’m busy and have a new huge priority in my life… but there are nap times and down times. Life goes on. Turns out I actually can get stuff done. Imagine that! Moms actually have time to get things done now and again… haha…

So it’s all about perspective. What’s your perspective? 

Thoughts came from this TED talk – Rory Sutherland: Perspective is everything