Here in Italy, it’s already past midnight. Friday night and I’m still trying to catch up on work. Sigh sigh… not to say I haven’t been enjoying my time, especially with little breaks to walk our puppy and play with him. But it’s definitely a bit stressful and I started to realize, hey, it’s been a while since I’ve had so many freelance projects. Oh smack… have I slumped to such a low level tolerance for actual work!? Jeepers. It was a bit of a sad realization. My life back in California was that of an unstoppable train… I worked all the day and somehow made it through just fine. Now, it’s a lot harder to get through the day working so many hours. Besides distractions at home, I just find my eyes hurting, my hand and arm hurting… I can’t believe my body is giving out. Well, in the midst of all the busyness I always have my sketchbook around and I tend to just scribble in it, unload ideas and sketch a line drawing here or there. I’m trying to not lose those sparks of random inspiration I often get.

Late one night was thinking of my husband and wanting to spend more time with him. Goes to show, working late night probably isn’t as productive as I want it to be! An image came to mind, so I sketched it out. It says “from the mountain tops I must holler… I love you!” Yeah, I’m such a romantic. I suppose since Valentine’s is coming up…even though we’ve never been the type of couple to do anything special. We like to treat each other always special – hehe! Okay, was that just over lovey dovey-ness for everyone? Ahem…

So the week has gone and passed and I’ve toggled between coding and designing, left and right, up and right. Sometimes it seems crazy, but when I step back – I realize it’s all good. I’m fine and life is infinitely happier… there’s just stuff to do – like always. I’ve also come upon some troubling items…so will have to take some photos and update soon. Stay tuned…have a great weekend and Happy Valentines lovelies. Ciao ciao.

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