I think that I’m coming near to the end of this specific graphic art print series, Notes to Myself.  Here’s the latest called, It’s Okay To Cry.  I think sometimes we have to remind ourselves that.  It’s not about weakness or being over emotional.  It’s simply another form of expression and I think it is necessary at times – a release for the body. That’s what I wanted to remind myself with this saying, for those low times we all run into. With this design I experimented and played more with layers of texture and excited about the results and the possibilities.  Although I have many more notes to myself, I do feel ready to move on to other things.


I have one more note to finish up and that would make ten prints in this series. I do get obsessive compulsive at times with round numbers 😛 You can see the prints in my Flickr set as well. So, lately I’ve been in one of those slumps and I suppose that contributes to why I chose to do this particular note to myself. I am feeling disorganized and it’s really impeding my creative flow.  Looks like it’s really time for Spring cleaning!

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