Lately I’ve been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone. You always hear people proclaim that you have to push the boundaries in order to grow with the times. I was watching a rerun of America’s Next Top Model and applied some of their comments to myself – in an art sense – loosen up and be more free! It’s like someone holding you and shaking you, wanting you to realize that your natural confidence is more powerful and strong. However, forcing myself to let go didn’t really work. My creative workspace this week is sort of dismal…a big mess and a whole lot of unfinished, abandoned stuff where I attempted to loosen up, but just wanted to throw it away immediately!

I wasn’t able to loosen up at all and the more I thought about it, the more frozen and rigid I became. I was imagining myself painting lovely fluid abstracts in acrylic and splashes of color melding perfectly in watercolor…okay, in my dreams they actually were…sigh sigh. I know it all takes time, to experiment, learn and eventually grow. But I got to thinking about how perhaps…it’s okay to just be me as well. Can we really plan out stages of growth on a timeline? It’s great to aspire to certain goals…but we certainly can’t put a schedule on something like creative growth – I don’t think. Growth is organic, right? What a thought! Sometimes I think my ponderings are such breakthroughs…but maybe you all know this stuff already and thinking pshah! Oh, I am a novice…I am. So I’m finally feeling a bit better this week. Perhaps it’s okay to just be. In two senses really, to be myself and to be content with the flow of things naturally.

So after letting myself be, I just started to sketch out my ladies again. Certainly not realistic drawing, but not even comic-like either…I guess they are just Linda-style. I’m realizing that it’s cool and I should just keep going in my own way…until my style naturally evolves – if ever. Hope everyone is doing well…I’m going to keep going with my creative business goals, trying to give myself as much time as possible to hit the studio and create!

Wow. Hmm. Apparently, it’s not that hard to just be…and still create cool stuff…and have fun. Sweet.

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