This month I decided to watch the video interviews on CreativeLive by Chase Jarvis and get some daily inspiration, motivation and wisdom. I’ve decided to blog about the series, logging my thoughts and takeaways…

Day 25 creative genius – James Altucher.

I have not heard of James Altucher before, but it does seem like he has a long history “in the biz” and is really personal in telling his experiences, lows and highs. I found him really easy to listen to and relate to. He doesn’t claim to be a genius or anything of that sort. He talks about failing a lot… just try things and see if it works!

At one point Altucher touches upon Amazon and the fact that you can self-publish so easily these days. He talks about experimenting with a book one weekend to see how it would do. It’s amazing to me to hear these stories and gets me wanting to do something in that vein – simply because it seems cool. I mean, it’s about potential and possibility.

I think ultimately the attractiveness of creative living, is really about the endless possibility out there. Don’t you think?

You can watch this interview by signing up for FREE – 30 Days of Genius at CreativeLive. Enjoy!

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