Yup, it’s sort of inevitable to fall behind when it comes to memory keeping. After all, we are chasing our memories in real-time… how can one ever be “caught up” truly? The month of June really flew by for me and I didn’t even take notes on what happened day to day for my highlights calendar. Thank goodness for taking photos, because at least when I review the various snapshots I can sort of piece together the month. However, it’s difficult to remember details with the rush of time… all the more reason to take notes and scrapbook, right?

LTieu scrap1

This month I actually started using actual pocket pages for 4×6 photos, but realized it’s a bit trickier than I had imagined. I actually don’t like seeing the white from the photo on the back – crazy detail that is sort of “ugh” for me. And embellishments are difficult when they are seen from the other side as well. Not sure what I want to do…LTieu scrap2

I still love creating pages of different sizes though, so I suppose it’s all a frame of mind kind of thing.

LTieu scrap3

Depending on how elaborate one is when it comes to embellishment, I’m not sure pocket pages are really that much faster than just slapping photos onto pieces of cardstock. Or is it because there is the plastic protection that people want? In my memory book, I have a mix of pages that have the protector or not… it’s sort of a mixed bag.

LTieu scrap4

I have run into issues already of things sticking on opposite pages, so I suppose that is a case for putting everything in page protectors. But I have to say the feeling of the book changes when there is plastic in it… don’t you think?

LTieu scrap5

This month was quick to put together, when I finally got to it, only because I forgot most of the details and didn’t have much time to collect items or even take that many photos.

LTieu scrap6

My book is still bulking up and I’m hoping that after completing a full year in this memory book style, I will have better clarity of what I want to do next year. I’m still using Studio Calico¬†project life kit supplies at this point. I really have an overflow of supplies because I don’t use that much product in general. Now on to the next month…

How is your scrapbooking and memory keeping going?

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