So I have this weird fascination over the rolls of hay here in Italy. Giant machines roll up the fields into these spirals of hay and they sit all over the Tuscan hills to dry out. It’s a magnificent sight to see, especially when there’s a huge expansive field full of them. The dot the landscape and become a common sight around these parts.

Since I grew up in Los Angeles, all these normal countryside views are new experiences to me. I love having nature all around me, the scenery brings up thoughts of happy, simple country living. Every time we drive past these hay spirals, I tell my husband how cool it would to run up to one and hug it. Take a few photos and try to roll even. Apparently he has rolled one down a giant hill before as a kid, so I guess I am trying to live out country childhood experiences now! Last night on the way to dinner, I decided to follow my fancy and go hug a ball of hay! We stopped by a field near our house and just hiked in to take a few photos.

I felt a bit silly at first, but I was also super happy to finally carry out my little adventure. Hug the hay, try to push it (too heavy) and take some photos. Instead of dismissing the whole thing as weird, I just went with it. Like when you were a kid and nothing seems bizarre to do, you don’t care – you just have fun!

It’s not like this experience has changed my life in a huge way, but fulfilling a seemingly silly notion felt great and it was fun and funny at the same time. Maybe we all need to get a bit silly at times…these little moments of life are so happy! I will have to go scrapbook my photos now because I think they are cute! This is the kind of stuff I love about living here in Italy…it’s okay to get a bit silly and just do what you want to do. Happy Friday, have a great weekend and hope get a chance to just be silly – ciao ciao!

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