This week my take action task is to focus on a single little task. We all know the pitfalls of trying to multitask. It usually results in a lot of things started, but none completed fully. There’s a lot of wasted time switching from one thing to another. It makes my mind feel cluttered just thinking about it!


Focusing on a single task however, makes it so much easier to tackle a seemingly overwhelming project. Baby steps! This week I really want to clean up my workspace, because it’s at a point that is stopping me from being productive. That’s when you know it’s time to clean up.


My workspace is also the extra room of everything along with baby items in the house, so I feel torn in so many directions. It’s been increasingly difficult to concentrate with all the piles of clutter. Stacks, piles, groups… baby things and other things…

Just thinking of cleaning the whole room makes me tired and seems such a far reached goal. But I’m realizing that it’s easier to zoom in on one little area at a time. A drawer, a shelf, a box, a bag. I can totally handle sorting through a particular stack of papers when I have a few minutes to spare. Getting that out of the way, helps to me move on to something else next. Just one little thing at a time. Step by step. Slowly but surely, as we learned from the tortoise, right?


When you feel overwhelmed or unsure of what to do next in your creative business – try to zoom in on one little aspect. Concentrate on that one little baby step. The momentum of accomplishing one thing will get you going for sure. Go ahead, take action this week – even if it’s just a tiny little thing.

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