Sometimes I design something, but then get distracted and totally forget about it. For this particular design I had run out of printer ink and couldn’t complete the card. Even when I bought more ink, I had already moved on to the next project and forgot that I had designed this hybrid card design. I thought I would post it anyone and see what you all think about this idea. It all started when I was inspired by a Jessica Sprague class on digital cardmaking. I was opened up to the possibilities of creating hybrid handmade cards, but not just printing out an image to color with copics. It’s such a creative eye-opener, so I decided to design one myself from scratch.

Download Just Saying Hellow Hybrid Card Design PDF (2.8 mb)

I created a simple card sketch and using the advantages of digital design to create my patterned paper. However, the card requires assembly with some sewing and added ribbon for that handmade touch and tactile feel. Of course, you could probably use the materials for a different card…I just happened to design it for that sketch. Let me know what you think, if you find these little projects fun and useful. Yay for hybrid card designs!

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