The new year inevitably makes me relive my past accomplishments. It’s a natural milestone date – a marker of how quickly time passes by. I make it a point to celebrate my successes and acknowledge my progress. However, there’s also a tinge of sadness for the unfinished, incomplete and total failures of the past year. All those goals that were not reached or intentions never realized. It can be a real downer – so I have to pep myself up by reaching for the silver lining.


No matter what has happened or not happened, know that you have gained experience through time and NOTHING can replace that time.

I don’t believe in wasted time, rather that it had been spent and there’s always something to draw from the experience. The fabulous thing about the new year is that it’s a perfect time to START. Whatever it is… just start where you are right now. Everything takes time to build up, but little by little you’ll make progress and that is always better than stagnation.

There’s a great episode of MarieTV that talks about this exact same point. A few minutes every day will add up to a whole lot, so whatever you dreams or aspirations are – don’t doubt – don’t say it’s too late – don’t give up – don’t  let yourself down! Now is a great time to start where you are. Ready to head into 2013 with full force?

Just start!

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