I’ve been busy with the little boy and haven’t gotten around to much scrapbooking these days, at least in terms of finishing anything. I have a load of photos printed and ideas in mind, just have to get to them eventually. I think more sleep will have to be sacrificed if I want to get anything done. The days are entirely consumed with motherhood duties and I’m constantly amazed at how parents are ever able to do anything besides taking care of their kid(s)!


It’s a bit sad that I didn’t prepare during my pregnancy, when I had more time. I’m already forgetting details and wishing that I could scrap more in real-time, so as to record my feelings while they are fresh. I still haven’t created a photo-book for my pregnancy experience – yes, that is how behind I am! I have grand plans, but I don’t see how I’m going to carry them out with how my life schedule now.

One of my friend’s sent me a fill-in baby book and I finally realized that I should keep it simple and use that book as a starting point. Some of the prompts fit in with what I had planned to scrap, which is great! For those prompts that don’t interest me, I can certainly design and embellish on top of those pages to customize the book to my liking.

Why didn’t I think of this earlier huh?

Maybe it’s laziness, but I consider it a smart shortcut. Why not use what we have and simply customize and add on as needed? I don’t have to design a book from scratch. Sometimes our DIY nature makes us believe that everything has to be created from square one. Not true at all! Gotta keep it simple. KISS.

How often do you build off an existing book, page, design or embellishment, but make it your own in some way?