Although mail from Europe to North America has been slow to arrive (there have been so many complaints and European sellers have been chatting away about it) – my handmade zine Pensieri Issue 4 Carve and Stamp is out and on its way to readers.

I’m so thankful to have folks who are interested in my zine and crafty thoughts and I do hope to continue publishing for a long time to come.

Issue four is all about carving your own rubber stamps or perhaps building designs from various alternative materials as well. Within the zine I’ve shared the process from creating designs to carving to stamping it out. I’ve also included a whole bunch of design ideas and printouts to get you started with carving right away. I find that sometimes people get stuck because they aren’t sure what to carve – thinking it has to be something complicated or a masterpiece with super fine detail. However, simplicity can be the coolest and most useful in the end. See that dialogue bubble on the cover of the zine? I made that stamp and it’s one of my favorites.

Pensieri Issue 4 – Carve and Stamp

So from the title of this post, I’m sure you ┬áhave guessed something is up. When I visited the post office in the new year, I realized by surprise that postage prices took a huge leap. I totally understand that prices have to rise with time and it happens every year all over the world.

However, this year it made a really HUGE jump up. Here in Italy to send to North America, what was once a $5 fee is now a $10 fee. I totally appreciate the fact that there is such a thing as postal service, allowing us to send items around the world… but the rate change has thrown a wrench in all my previous planning. When it comes to Australia – zone 3 locations – prices have more than doubled! It’s definitely disheartening because I know that many buyers are deterred by shipping costs already.

Now it’ll be an even bigger issue for all European sellers, but especially here in Italy. For my Pensieri zine, shipping has always been included, because I want to keep it a set price and get as many readers as possible. Now things will have to change somewhere…somehow…

Pensieri Issue 2 – Pockets Galore!

So this is your last chance to get the original handmade Pensieri zines. I’ve already invested in materials and copies…so I want to get those out nevertheless. Made exactly as they were envisioned and created the first time around, now is your chance to get issues one through four in their original format. Check my Etsy shop to availability and I’ll be relisting until I run out of the original materials.

Pensieri Issue 1 – Art Journaling

Moving forward, I will have to change things. The price will stay the same as I don’t want to shake things up and I already have subscribers that have prepaid. My thought is to keep the content exactly the same and just reduce the overall size and paperweight. I need to keep it under 100 grams…which is difficult especially if any goodies are included in the back cover.

One thought is to include exclusive digital downloads instead of sending actual items. Although that sort of strays from my original intent. It’s a bit sad, because I was always so proud of the envelope cover that allows goodies to be slipped in. Maybe I will change that to include some art prints or ATCs…something still handmade and personal to keep with the original idea of Pensieri.

Pensieri Issue 3 – Decorative Knots

Thank you all for your support and please don’t be worried that Pensieri will go away. I am determined to continue and subscribers will still get special goodies. Some details must change with the times, but I suppose that is life, gotta go with the flow. Feel free to share your thoughts and ciao ciao for now.

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