If you haven’t noticed already, this month I’ve been participating with Layout-A-Day (LOAD). I’m sure the goal is self-explanatory: create a scrapbook every day. There are prompts provided, but we are free to scrap whatever we want. I had moments of desperation throughout the month, as the day went by and I still had a page to create. But I enjoyed every minute of my scrapbooking time. The weird thing about being pressured… is how it totally works! I don’t regret having scrapped pages, even if it was on a deadline. I’m happy to report that I made it through all 29 days scrapping this month. I’m super proud and you can see all the pages in previous posts.

Today, I created a mini insert to include a stray photo in between two existing pages. It’s not exactly a layout, but since I did a double page yesterday, I think it counts! Inserts are a simple way to include extras, not to mention breaking up the page by page format, rendering the whole album more interesting to look at and explore. This particular insert has a library pocket and journaling card that I designed. I also added some little toothpick flags and a dimensional sticker from the American Crafts Fresh Squeezed collection – super cute stuff!

The back of my insert is the photo I wanted to include, fitting in with the full pages of my album. I put these into my albums without page protectors, I don’t think it’s a big deal really. Inserts and odd sized pages are a really fun way to add more decoration and depth to your albums. I still have the clean and simple style going, but with lots to look at. Now I’m all done. LOAD, check!

Reflecting on the month further, I realize that the “pressure” of having to do something daily really pushed me to get something – anything – done. It’s a simple concept, but it works and can really be applied to anything in life. I’ve actually joined in on monthly art journaling and drawing challenges, so I know it works. It gets me to devote time to something I love doing and the community really helps with motivation and momentum.  Seeing everyone’s daily work, spurred me on to do my own and keep at it. There was encouragement all around and it makes the whole process more fun. I’m realizing that no matter how much willpower we might have (or not have), going solo can be really tough. Community can be so helpful and perhaps that is why many of us blog. We want connection in some way. Humans are social animals after all.

So, I’m happy and glad to have joined LOAD, even if it was stressful at times. It took up a chunk of my time each day and I don’t think I will marathon scrapbook anymore, but there are no regrets. I’ve learned about my own preferences in style and materials, so now I am more confident and having more fun as well. I hope that sharing my thoughts have spurred some of you to scrapbook more and try something new… have fun!

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