Life is a journey with bumps, turns and twists as well as smooth sailing days.  During those rough patches, I started writing down notes to give myself gentle reminders and little pick-me ups.  I suppose it is like journaling, but with less regularity and discipline when it’s just a decorated sticky note.  After a while these notes started building up and I decided to make them a bit more permanent, because the notes really help me get through some of those downer days.  I started a series of graphic art prints called “Notes to Myself” to illustrate each note I wrote up.  I just started this in 2010 and the latest addition I just finished is called, “Laugh Every Day” – in my Etsy Shop.


I feel that it is so important to laugh every day and make sure to flex those funny muscles, making life so much more enjoyable.  As with everything, you get to choose how you react and feel in the end…glass half empty or half full?  Do you choose to despair or just chuckle to lighten the mood and try again?  I created this illustration to remind us all to laugh and remember that laughs can also be contagious, so be the one to start up the fun!  I am so into positive, motivational and fun wall art to decorate and inspire at the same time.  Will be adding to this series hopefully weekly – let’s see if I can keep that up!  Thanks for stopping by and ciao ciao from Italia 😛

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