TGIF…in both the Thank Goodness It’s Friday and Trust, Gratitude, Inspiration Friday aspects. At times I’ve been feeling really good and on a roll…thankful for inspiration and how lovely life is. Then I hit a block and suddenly the view is so much grimmer. I keep feeling like I don’t have enough time and so worried that I won’t get to do all and really become successful. I know it’s so drama-esque-sounding.

It got me thinking about the Law of Attraction, that somehow our thoughts could influence actual events. Personally, I struggle with the topic because I want it to be true but at the same time think that it doesn’t make sense. I’m a worker bee type and there’s satisfaction in hard work leading to success. I know that I often feel it’s proper to do things from scratch, to earn it through toiling away, even if it wasn’t necessary. There was discussion of the Law of Attraction on the Spring Inspiration site and they also mentioned David Neagle’s Art of Success talk. I don’t know what came over me, but I suddenly thought perhaps I needed to seek guidance from an outsider.

Instead of watching TV, let’s say, should I invest a couple hours in his talks? At first it seems like it could be a bunch of hooey… and the fact that it’s all free makes me wonder if there is a marketing ploy at the end. Has anyone ever listened to his talk or perhaps similar motivational, sort of philosophical talk kind of stuff? Do you think pep talks are helpful? Perhaps the Law of Attraction simply means that we have to believe in the possibility, so that our mind is opened up to opportunities? Something like believing in ¬†yourself?

To top it all off, Creative Thursday just posted a podcast about being a winner and success. More to think about. My mind is just swirling around these theories, thoughts and conflicts about success, winning, making it…I’ll be taking the weekend to ponder away. Have a good one yourself…

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