Tomorrow is officially the first day of Spring and I’ve been occupying myself with cleaning, as many of us do every year around this time. One thing I’ve been struggling with is learning to let go.  As I’ve gone through my stash of art supplies and crafty materials, I’ve found totally forgotten items. I’m a bit of pack rat and have a hard time letting go of stuff because I keep thinking I might need it or it might be useful for xyz project – sometime in the future. Even though rationally I know it defeats the purpose of having a stash if you don’t use it! I am slowly learning to let go in a few ways though, especially when it comes to my artwork. Painting over canvases and boards that are just sitting around, recycling papers into journals or just plain throwing stuff into the recycling bin.  I’m also taking a scrapbooking class with about using your stash, really trying to get myself in the mode of using all the stuff I have around me. It’s easy to stock up on supplies, but I want to stop buying with just the intent of doing something with it. Yes, I must learn to use even that oh-so-uber special paper and leather that I’m saving… saving for what?  I can’t seem to remember anymore.

As I deal with letting go of physical items I started to realize I also need to work on letting go of other things in life. All of this anxiety around letting go of something…why is that? I suppose it’s difficult for fear of not having what you need when the time comes around. Or perhaps I need to love myself more, because it’s a deeper issue that makes letting go seem like I’m losing a part of myself? Is there something about loss that really bothers me to the core? I suppose it’s completely natural to be afraid of lacking in something. Although I still don’t know how to deal with losing a person in this world – the relationship never ends with your loved ones that pass on – I am trying to work on letting go of issues, worries and thoughts that really don’t matter.  It’s just that I tend to dwell. Somehow I must find closure, let go and move on with life. It seems like life with less baggage would be more free and ultimately more happy.  That sounds pretty darn cool to me.

I hope you can think a bit about letting go of something yourself…physical or more emotional. Either way, try lightening the load on your shoulders.  No need to be a super woman – I promise you’ll feel a lot better! Happy weekend to all.

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