Sometimes good things happen – yay! But inevitably, bad things happen as well. Whatever the facts may be, I’ve realized that how we feel about a situation is ultimately a choice. We must mourn and do what we have to do, but we always have the power to be happy in the end.

We always have the choice to find the good, turn towards the light and make our own happiness.

Especially during this time when there is even more terror in the world, I immediately thought of creating a “Let Us Be Happy” art printable. Super simple and direct… because that’s how it can be. It’s not complicated to understand.

Let it remind you of small, simple moments and the power you have to choose how you want to feel. I often think of my children in these times of fear and remember that I don’t want to raise them in fear. I want them to know love, possibility and the happiness we can create for ourselves.


Download Let Us Be Happy Art Printable LETTER

Download Let Us Be Happy Art Printable A4

I know there’s also more that we can do, to take action and make change in this world, but I also believe it all starts with having love in your heart and soul… so that you can be happy yourself… in order to spread it. I hope this printable will remind you of that. First, let us be happy!

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