It seems that home decor trends coupled with upcycling and eco-living ideas have really brought back the reuse of containers in homes. One thing I’ve seen a lot of are the upcycling of bottles, from wine to beer to food bottles. I like to keep bottles that are cute or unique in some way and transform them into vases for dried flowers.

Our family happens to go through a fair amount of Nutella pretty much every other week, so I hate to see them go if there’s some way to reuse them. The bottles are so uniquely shaped and I have saved many of them to line my desk for holding pens, pencils and various tools.

I decided it was time to spruce up another bottle, newly acquired for a set of gel pens I bought. So here’s a little idea tutorial on how I went about decorating my Nutella bottle pen holder.

When redecorating a bottle, the easiest thing to do is to cover up the original packaging. It’s the area you know that can be covered by a sheet of paper and it won’t distort on the bottle shape. Alternatively, you can also wash away the old label before decorating…but I don’t bother when I plan to cover up the same area.

I gathered some paper scraps and pieces from scrapbooking and cut them to size for the decoration. You’ll notice that my strip of paper doesn’t go all the way around the bottle. This might happen a lot if you are working with larger containers. That’s why it’s a good idea to plan on where your seams will be and how it can work into the design. You might piece together papers to wrap a large bottle, but purposefully make the seams at certain intervals to keep it neat! In my case, I’m planning to cover up the front, so no worries with the short paper.

I just placed a few shaped pieces of paper together to cover up the space, using my gel pens to write up the label itself. Pretty cute, huh?!

To finish things up, I like covering up the rim of bottles. It’s something that just adds a finishing touch to the bottle. I pulled out my hot glue to attach the ribbon trim to the top edge of my bottle. I like using a hot glue because it holds thin little ribbons immediately and you can also easily rip it off if you plan to redecorate the bottle! People have love hate relationships with hot glue, I suppose…to each his own!

So here is my finished decorated bottle…I added another strip of white paper around, just to add to the design. Now my gel pens have a nice place to sit in and the nice thing about this kind of decoration is that if you get sick of it or you happen to pour your ice coffee on it, it’s no trouble to rip it all off and redecorate. A neat way to reuse your containers in style. Enjoy!

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