I looked at my calendar today and realized that it’s nearing the end of July. The pressure of assignments due is really getting to me and my list of possible projects is overflowing. It can be suffocating to start a week in this way. I know that I have many interests but I can never ignore the urge to explore new things.

I decided to make room by deleting the old and explored, but not interested type of stuff. No doubt you are already neglecting things you don’t have time for, right? I took a survey of my activities and realized a lot of them had to do with participating in online communities.

How many logins and sign-ups do you have? I have my blogs, social media accounts, ning networks and even online shops. I feel like having them out there, even when I don’t have time to participate, really clouds up my attention. I need to purge. So I wrote up a list and evaluated why I’m a part of that community. Also, what do I get out of it for the time spent?

I realized there was a lot I could live without and a lot that I neglected anyway. Commence the delete account mission! It felt so good to just delete stuff from my “possible” responsibilities. Less obligations and a clearer mindset. I even went through digital files and deleted random downloads and junk mail – all those distractions on the sidelines.

Of course, I went a bit too delete happy and messed up one of my blogs at the same time – but that actually spurred on an important housekeeping project as well. You certainly have to be careful and delete with care, but it’s important to purge and make room for greater things every once in a while Whew! You should try it yourself…go on and delete something.

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