Today I wanted to play with some paint, so joined in with Crusade No. 44 over on Michelle Ward’s blog. This month’s experiment is all about scraping paint for a grungy, textured look. I’ve definitely experimented with this technique before and love the process and results. I use an old plastic card to scrape dots of paint on my surface, but you can also purchased notched paint scrapers or just use any flat-edged tool you have lying around. This method creates really beautiful variations and is super fun to do. You can get messy with paint, thinking only of the colors you are working with.

I’m sure you’ll be surprised at the results and I like to experiment with both the colors of paint as well as the texture of my working surface. You can scrape in one direction, all directions as well as vary the angle of your tool to achieve different results. Because there’s the element of surprise – you never really know how it’ll turn out – it’s a fantastic way to start up a journal page or piece of work. You sort of set the background mood of the piece with the colors chosen and the broad strokes from scraping.

Even when I’m feeling tired or not very inspired, I find it easy to just scrape away and create a bunch of beautiful backgrounds. In the end you are not using up much paint at all, stretching your paint supply and many journalers often do this for any paint left on their palette from previous projects. You’ll never waste paint and have interesting backgrounds to work on top of.

So I hope you’ll consider painting by scraping, instead of painting with a traditional brush. I think it allows you to open up because there isn’t that pressure of precision that sometimes a little brush can evoke…that you have to depict something specific or precise! Try scraping paint sometime and then see if you can find a subject within your grungy texture. Sometimes you’ll suddenly see a scene within your scraped creations and that spark of inspiration will propel you forward. Have fun and ciao ciao for now!

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