I learned about the concept of a “backlist” from Seth Godin – it’s what publishers call the work from a while ago that is still out there selling. Well, I wanted to apply the idea for my personal situation. I often forget about all that I’ve done, constantly searching for something new. It’s certainly wonderful to be caught up in a new and exciting idea, but my legacy of work is worth revisiting. I’m sure your work is worth revisiting as well, so hear me out.


My take action task this week was to revisit my backlist of work and see if there was a way to leverage it into something new. Enter Pensieri, my zine that I’ve finally digitized! I had so much fun creating my crafty art zine, but the handmade process was too much for me to keep up with. As a new mom, I no longer have the luxury of stamping, sewing and adding personal touches to every single copy. That’s why it all had to stop… but that doesn’t mean the content is no longer valid.

In fact, there have been requests for the zines, I just don’t want to go down the road of handmaking them anymore. That’s why the idea of digitizing them is perfect. Lower price and instant delivery – so I can still let that library of creative work go out into the world and spread some joy. Pretty cool idea, huh? The first issue I have digitized is all about art journaling, check it out in the store if you are interested in some creative play.

What can you leverage in your backlist of work? I hope that by sharing my take action tasks weekly, I can help to inspire YOU to go for it and get something done because actions speak louder than words.

Action is the foundational key to all success.

-Pablo Picasso