Even with so much going on in my life now, I previously blogged about enrolling in Lilla Rogers Studio School – a course called Make Art That Sells – as an investment in my own dreams and ambitions. I had been anxiously waiting for the registration to open and can’t be more excited for it to start up.


I noticed that some bloggers created an illustration in celebration, so I decided to follow along. A quick little digital illustration to express my excitement. That’s me totally pumped and ready to go to school – yeah!

With a newborn in the house it’s difficult to find time for myself… but I decided well before that I had to make time. That I would not “lose myself” so to speak. It’s been a challenging first month, but I’m optimistic that I can still be productive, even if it’s in bits and pieces.

I also went ahead and bought Lilla Rogers book – I Just Like to Make Things (Amazon link) – to work through in the meantime. Yup, you can see that I’m totally gung ho! I suppose, a huge part of success is taking yourself seriously and really putting ALL your effort into it. I’ve spent too much time sliding by, I think. Now that time is so much more scarce and precious, I seem to be rising to the occasion and becoming more efficient.

It makes me think of working out, when you are super tired but the instructor says just one more rep or push a little harder or just 8 more seconds. You push yourself and end up surprising yourself!

Amazing how much we can do, if we simply put ourselves to the test.

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