I had the urge to create a little collage in my journal. Something different, instead of the usual black ink drawing. It’s a creative warm-up for me…

I started to think how helpful little creative exercises might be. Specially collage because using existing elements enables me to consider the page complete in a short sitting. I’m not fussing over creating everything from scratch – one of those crazy crutches I have. It’s just a mix of painted papers, tape, tags, paper bits… a little paint… just a little collage.

It’s going to be a long long weekend in Italy (perhaps Europe?) as May 1st is like labor day holiday here. I usually separate creative time from family home time, but thinking I need to create more fluidity in my life, instead of switching modes all the time. Maybe little creative exercises will help, I should be able to slip them in every day. Perhaps filling in those gaps that seem like wasted time?

Do you take your creative time into your daily life routine? What types of creative exercises do you do?

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