I saw a blog post on i heart faces with really great ideas for photo valentine cards and decided to give it a try. Although the ideas were presented with kids as models, I figured my dog wouldn’t be able to post properly. Instead, it’s cute to do a little something for your hubby in this way, I think. ¬†Grown-ups can make cute cards, too!

I took a photo of myself with my hand out and just printed it with some white lettering on the bottom. The sentiment is me being snarky-ish – is the sweet thing the chocolate or me? LOL. Ahem…yes, I crack myself up! It’s nothing amazingly original, I just think it’s cute! A little valentine with a sweet chocolate presented – not a bad thing to put on your loved one’s pillow or nightstand. I think there are lots of possible variations for other occasions as well, so have fun with this idea!

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