Free Printable // Live Better Without Sugar Workbook // Help yourself kick sugar in the butt and live a better, healthier life!

You and I both know that excess sugar is no good for our bodies.

I certainly feel the issue every single day. It’s like a drug, because it can be so addictive. We know better, but it’s not easy to take action when life is so busy and we are occupied with so many other things from morning until night.

I’ve personally tried to quit sugar many times, but my attempts to strip it out violently hasn’t worked. I would be strong for awhile, then fall back into the hole and start binging.

Each time, it just made me feel gross and unhappy about my habits in life. Can you relate?

I truly want to kick the sugar habit, but small attempts here and there have been unsuccessful for me. I realize that it’s time to take it all a bit more seriously.

I feel that when things get hard for me, it’s all the more reason to investigate and figure it out. It’s probably important and that’s why it’s so challenging.

Sugar is said to be the single biggest contributor to weight gain, type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, liver disease, Alzheimer’s and more.

There are plenty of scientific studies that show that sugar is the dietary contributor to a whole lot of diseases. From the World Health Organization to the American Institute for Cancer Research to the Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. A simple Google search will reveal all. Look it up and weep!

It’s not that sugar is all bad, but it’s all the extra, non-natural, processed kind that is consumed in so many products today. Often, we don’t even realize it! Products in our supermarkets today contain all kinds of sugars, even when you least expect it.

I know that to live a healthy lifestyle, I need to go to the foundations and make sure I’m not bombarding my system with sugar that can cause all sorts of imbalances and damage.

It’s all related after all. Thyroid conditions can cause fatigue, weight gain, joint pains and depression. Adrenal fatigue can cause skin conditions, diabetes, metabolic disorders and immune disorders and more. Weight gain and hormonal imbalances… all these bad things can come from excessive sugar consumption. Yikes!

Of course, the root of the matter is how to quit sugar. Like many things in life, we know what is best… but how to put it in action?

Well, that’s why I created this sugar workbook to help myself kick the habit. And to give myself all the help possible, I’ve started using my essential oils as a companion along this challenge.

The idea is to assess the situation, create a plan for healthy foundations and focus on problem areas. It might not be an overnight fix, but slowly I will kick the bad choices out of my life. We have to create new, better habits to replace the bad ones!

The only way to get to success, is to set ourselves up for success, right?

Download this printable sugar workbook I’ve created to help with your journey to better living. It will guide you through the steps of tracking consumption, finding replacements and forming better habits for a better lifestyle, without sugar!

Live Better Without Sugar Workbook

Download 20 page EO Sugar Workbook PDF

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