I created this cute little girl design a while ago for a guest newsletter, but not sure if it ever got posted or used. Either way, I figured it would be nice to share with everyone here on the blog and practice my skills in making a desktop and phone wallpaper.

I was thinking about how much time we spend in front of our computer screens and mobile phones – and how we could use it to our advantage by having an inspirational visual.

“Live Creatively” was the saying that came to mind, because I think it can encompass so many things, so many parts of our lives.

So whatever is top of mind for you and your life, I hope these wallpapers can help you on your journey to live creatively.

Download Desktop Wallpaper | Download Phone Wallpaper

Please enjoy this freebie download for your personal use and I hope it inspires you to live creatively! My best to you.

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