Now that my big birthday weekend is over, I’m trying to catch up and slide back into the normal routine. The thing I dislike the most, I think, is all the laundry I have to wash and iron…ehhh! I think I wouldn’t mind just walking around in wrinkly clothes…sigh. Today happens to be a gloomy cloudy one as well, so I didn’t feel like jumping into any new projects, even though my mind is filled with ideas brewing. I decided it was a good time to look back at past work and try to reuse, improve or polish it up.

How often do you look back and realize there’s a great diamond in the rough, waiting to be polished? I thought perhaps I could go back into my sketches and see what I could turn into a digital stamp design or use as an illustration somewhere. My little snow queen sketch is a good candidate for the upcoming winter season, not to mention those little ghoulies for Halloween. I suppose I found inspiration in my own past work and ideas from old musings. Sometimes your brain is just overflowing and you forget about all those cool ideas and notions you had going on just the week before perhaps. Oh, I also made a masking tape mummy…don’t ask me why. I just let myself create and run with intuition at times, but often it just gets stacked away, waiting for the right time. So my task today is to go through old work and find sketches that I can turn into finals. Maybe you should take a look at your past work and see what you can finish up, improve or finalize in some way. It’s not a bad way to get yourself back into the groove after a vacation or when the weather is gloomy and you just need to be inspired. Inspire yourself, I say.

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