Recently I’ve been spending some time to look back on my own work and pick out my favorites.

LTieu art1

It’s actually an accidental exercise as I was backing up files and doing some digital organization, so was forced to dig into the archives.

LTieu art0
Years and years of artwork – much of it very old, simple and just plain bad (sort of embarassing…) but there are some that I love oh so dearly.

LTieu art4

Definitely some that I am proud of even if not perfection or technically superior in any way.

LTieu art3

There’s just something about it that makes the work unique and very much me. I personally love it, even if it was NOT the most praised.

LTieu art2

I’m realizing that pulling together those that I love, will help as a retrospective of my best work thus far.

LTieu art5

It can help me understand what I have done and where I want to be, looking ahead. So how can I use what I have created and work towards getting better and honing my art?

LTieu art6

Lots of self-reflection time for sure. It’s also helpful to look back when you are feeling a bit depressed and wondering what you have ever accomplished! When you look into the archives and stack things up, it suddenly does seem like you have done quite a bit. Chin up, right?!

LTieu art7

Also, I think picking out my favorites is a good excuse to start printing and make myself a gallery wall of art love. What do you think? *wink*wink*

LTieu art8

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