I had to preserve the little announcement postcard for our son’s birth, even though I didn’t end up sending them out. I wonder if nearly 3 months afterwards it’s way too late? I had these grand ideas to include it with thank you gift favors… but haven’t gotten around to that to do yet (if ever). Well, at least I sent it digitally to family. Now it’s on a scrapbook page along with some of the ephemera from the hospital – like the name tag from his hospital bed cart…


As a scrapbooker, I automatically collect the ephemera from my daily life. Restaurants cards, event flyers and tid bits from trips we take. My family knows not to throw away stuff before asking if I want to keep it! Sometimes I use the elements I collect, but sometimes I don’t. I’m not always certain if it’ll have great meaning in the future or not, but I just like to keep them regardless.


It’s as if the items – even if mundane – help to bring back the memory of that event, don’t you agree? Like setting the scene. With the card, ephemera and design of the patterned paper – I didn’t feel the need to add more to this page. I cut out a little banner to anchor the photo card, attached with brads and cut out a heart – hand journaling in the phrase “love at first sight.”


This is simple scrapbooking at it’s best to me. Let the materials you have scrap themselves. How about you? Do you collect ephemera and use it in your scrapbooking? Do you sometimes toss certain things out after a period of time?

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