This week I decided to brush up my website mailing list. This is all in my effort to take action in my creative business and lifestyle. It can be a small task, but it’s something concrete.


First of all, I hope you have a mailing list set up for your creative business. There’s no doubt that your email list is a huge asset for your online business. It’s your direct contact to supporters – so if you don’t already have it setup – take that as your actionable task. I use Mailchimp and very happy with the easy to use interface.

Once you have a mailing list sent up, it’s so important to brush it up and check the process every now and again. Make sure your sign-up forms work as expected and the messaging is still up to date.

I took some time to edit the thank you messages and emails through the process of signing up for my newsletter. I realized that it was important to include more information as a resource for my supporters who have taken the time to sign-up. It’s sort of a waste of bandwidth to simply say, thanks for signing up and that’s it. Give people more to see or some kind of call to action, since you already have their attention. Send them to your social media or prompt them with a question or give them something valuable!

Sometimes there are broken links or old information to be updated, so be sure to check your mailing list forms and user experience by testing it out. It was quick for me to run through the process and edit. Even if it’s not “perfection” it’s an improvement from what was there before.

One little step for my creative business, but that’s one little step forward if nothing else. How’s your mailing list doing?