Looking for a motivational computer wallpaper design? How about this make a wish wallpaper I created for inspiration and a get back to work reminder!

Make a Wish... then make it happen!

I remember my brother telling me about the Perseid meteor showers some years back. During the peak of the meteor shower in the summer months, we should be able to see them just by looking up for 30 minutes or so.

However, having lived in Los Angeles all my life, opportunities to be out in the middle of nowhere to see the stars just didn’t happen often. I never really stared up at the stars or see any kind of meteor shower, ever!

Now that my husband and I sort of live in the “middle of nowhere” – it’s a tiny Italian town in the countryside. There’s less illumination, so we could totally see the meteor shower from our terrace!

My husband was actually quite shocked I had never experienced the sight of a falling star! The peak of the meteor shower coincides with the Catholic holiday on August 10 for St. Lorenzo, the date of the saint’s martyrdom… so it was a curious coincidence in this timeframe. It led many to call the Perseid meteor shower the tears of St. Lorenzo!

I love the whole story, it is so romantic and cute! Sort of melancholy in terms of tears falling, but still endearing and lovely. Imagine little meteor bits smashing into our atmosphere…

make a wish wallpaper

Download this as a desktop wallpaper

So from all these thoughts and wondering how often people make wishes on stars, I came up with this make a wish wallpaper design.

It’s very woo woo, but it’s so romantic to put a little bit of hope and trust in something supernatural. Maybe it helps us to realize that not all things are under our control!

I think we need inspiration and hope from elsewhere at all times – the mysterious and powerful in life! But of course, we still have to do the work and make it happen. So that’s why I thought of the saying, make a wish, but then make it happen!

Yup, created this design, inspired by seeing my first meteor shower with my husband this past week. Wishes and dreams, waiting to happen… let us all be reminded that it’s wonderful to dream and hope, but we need to follow it with hard work as well! Make it happen!

I hope you enjoy this make a wish wallpaper download – thanks for stopping by!

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