This past week in Lilla Rogers Studio School we tackled the market of wall art. It’s a huge, vast and so-open with possibilities market that fills me up with a lot of hope. I was excited and surprised to learn some of the expectations as well as the trends and what really sells. Some of things we assume are true can be totally and utterly wrong!

For this week’s assignment we had to create an abstract floral collage piece and Lilla encouraged us to go with real media – fling some paint!


Although I’ve always loved playing with paint, I can’t say I’m skilled in any way. It’s one of those things I would love to do, but have never spent enough time practicing. I still have trouble controlling the paint itself and most definitely make a huge mess every single time.

These days, the mess is more annoying because I’m washing my hands a million times with all the intervals of running to take care of my boy. It may seem like a trivial aspect, but it’s really a factor in my consideration. Now I understand why one of my girlfriends said she wanted to switch to watercolor! It’s just easier cleanup and less dangerous when you have kiddies running around. That’s just a real life consideration.

However, I’m still wanting to experiment with collage, but in a neater ¬†and less paint flying all over way. I’ve been trying to use this course to practice using real media more, but perhaps I would be creating better work going all digital – something I’m much more comfortable with. It’s this struggle of wanting to combine the two because the market is flooded with all digital artists. Everyone wants that handmade touch. But perhaps chasing the trend is not the way.

I’ve always thought it funny that digital artists always try to make their work look less precise, less perfect, more handmade with flaws and all. Funny. Lots to think about in regards to my art direction.

I can’t believe the course is practically over and the next session is not until October. Although there’s still so much to absorb and do – need to get cracking as Lilla says!

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