I must admit that I have never really understood marketing. Because I didn’t know how to approach it, I simply avoided it altogether. I often fell into the trap of thinking, hey, if I create great stuff, people will just find me naturally, right? I never want to be a pushy sleezy salesman and marketing seemed to just be about advertising your life away.

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Boy, was I wrong! What a mistake and incorrect perspective on marketing.

Turns out, marketing is not about tactics to trick people into spending money. It’s not about manipulation. It’s really about getting your offering in front of the people who actually want it!

Marketing is the conversation and relationship between you and your right people.

So ultimately, you can make it what fits for your personality. That sounds nice and non-slimey, right? In fact, it sound pretty cool and something I definitely want to cultivate.

After the first week of April Bowles-Olin’s class on CreativeLive: Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing my entire perspective on marketing has shifted dramatically.

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I’m learning what it really means to market yourself and clear steps on how to approach it. I have a feeling that marketing will be a part of my everyday creative life and I’m not dreading it! Amazingness!

I purchased April’s course after seeing a coupon code elisejoycreativelive to save 35% from Elise Joy’s podcast. Amazing discount and either way the course is an great value and totally worth the price. It’s 5 weeks of marketing bootcamp that is easy to understand and to take action on. That aspect is really important to me, because we can intake all we want, but if action is not taken, the results don’t come!

I wanted to share my excitement regarding my shift in thinking about marketing and this super affordable opportunity for all of us to learn from April. Yay! You can purchase Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing via this link which gives me a slight commission kick-back, but of course I only talk about things I love, so it’s a win-win! You can also watch the course for free during the live broadcast, so definitely tune in and listen up.

I hope you enjoy, learn and change your perspective on marketing as well, because now, finally, marketing totally makes sense to me.