Meaghan Smith is a Canadian singer-songwriter that I discovered through the film (500) Days of Summer. Her cover of the Pixies song, Here Comes Your Man changed to Here Comes My Man totally rocks. I like her old timey vocals, so decided to dig a bit deeper and just love how creative she is… have you seen her animated biography?! Instant creative girly girl inspiration crush!

I just had to doodle away while listening to her music. I suppose I do have a thing for female singers in general and perhaps it’s because I can easily imagine myself in their singing shoes. The music I’m drawn to is usually of the cute nature, happy and boppy… that’s just what inspires me and puts me in a smiley mood.

I really love the song A Little Love – listen and watch above, read the lyrics below. I think we can draw inspiration from the visual, auditory and text… as if you are reading poetry.

Here I go again
Smiling too sweet
Can’t seem to hold it in
Every time that we meet
I get this rosy glow
And weak in the knees
I hope you don’t know how fast
you make my heart beat

I’m in a little love
And I’m in a little deep
Though I’ll never say a word
It’s a secret my heart can’t keep

Keep my feet upon the ground
Whenever you are near
But my head is in the clouds
While the rest of me is….

Here I go again
Smiling too sweet
It seems that my heart
Has finally gone and told on me

Her debut album, The Cricket’s Orchestra is completely adorable with smooth vocals, cuteness, happy boppy songs and sentimental sweet songs… a combo that I can never resist. Take a listen and get inspired!

You can find The Cricket’s Orchestra through my affiliate links to

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