I’m catching up on my memory keeping, printing photos from the last few months and putting it all together in my memory book for this year. As suspected, my album is just getting way too thick! I knew this was going to happen, but I wanted to try. I have this fixation with keeping a specific time period all together in a book. I know that I just need to get over it already!

LTieu memory9

I think that I will have to split this book in half… otherwise it is unwieldy to flip the pages. For the last three months, I printed full page photos, made quick collages  and used washi tape a lot. The idea was to get it all done – quick as possible. Finished is better than waiting for the right time, right? I’m all for getting things just DONE these days. If you are struggling with getting things completed, remember that done is better than perfect!

LTieu memory1 LTieu memory3 LTieu memory4

For these sets of pages I’ve come up on a few interesting observations about my own scrapbooking style, likes and dislikes. I’ve noticed that I really love full page photos. Maybe because they are easy to do!? But the full-impact of the photo is great and I suppose it’s almost like moving towards a traditional photo album – the photo is the focal point.

LTieu memory5

I also love the idea of sizing down page protectors and just washi-taping them closed with ephemera inside. It’s so much easier to store items in this fashion. No need for special pocket sizes.

LTieu memory6

When it comes to regular 4×6 photos though, I am still doing a mix of irregular sized inserts as well as full pages. Haven’t really decided what I like the most.  I do know that the pockets that hold the 4×6 doesn’t always suit my taste though, so I’m not sure what I like!

LTieu memory7

LTieu memory8

For these past months I’ve got memories documented, so it’s better than nothing. Hopefully I can finalize my memory keeping “wants” in the month of December and start the year with a bit more consistency. How is your memory keeping going?

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