I’m listening to the latest episode of Paperclipping Roundtable and very timely it is about “memory keeping” and how the term is ever so popular these days. When I wrote the last issue of my zine about scrapbooking, I definitely referred to memory, story and life keeping… a mix of terminology because I’m obviously finding it hard to define all of scrapbooking.

Although it’s really just semantics, I did find the combination of those words interesting after a bit of pondering. Photos would be the memory, because they help with bringing that moment back into our minds. Journaling is the story, because we are able to recount the details in words. Finally, ephemera could be the life part, because I find myself keeping things just because…it doesn’t always have explanation connected to it. It just adds to the whole scene of my life, whether it be a stamp, a wrapper, a business card, pretty paper, etc. For me, scrapbooking is a combination of those elements, but not necessarily always together or perfectly balanced in amount. I’m starting to just punch holes in my cards to add into my album as mini pages, to throw in tidbits without any explanation, simply because I want to keep them.

I’m still trying to work out my pocket system, because I have access to certain sizes here in Italy, but they don’t work for normal photo prints. I’m definitely riffing off the Project Life system by Becky Higgins, but trying to make it work for me. I don’t necessarily want to fill in pockets all the time. The number of photos, ephemera and journaling aren’t always going to be the same each week. I feel that I definitely need a different, even more modular system.

I suppose the common element in everyone’s scrapbooking is “keeping.” We are trying to keep something dear to our heart. Holding on to what is precious to us, huh?

As mentioned in my last outfit post, I’m going to consolidate and post album updates to show how I’m scrapping my day to day outfit photos. I printed them out pretty small in two week increments, because I don’t want it to take up that much space. Nothing fancy, just a record of me.

Now I’m going to figure out a proper size for my pockets and perhaps how to make my own with sewing as well… until next time…