Think before you spray, that is what I learned in doing today’s LOAD layout. I decided to add some texture to the bottom area by spraying a light brown mist, but forgot that my printed journaling would bleed… oops.

Oh well, I dried it in time and I suppose it adds to the effect. I decided to leave it at that, instead of piling more embellishments. Clean and simple.

Journaling reads:

We left little Vash alone in our room one night and didn’t think there was anything he could mess up. Boy were we wrong! He managed to reach Ale’s nightstand and grab a pack of tissues. Thankfully it was nothing dangerous for him – I’m sure he had a lot of fun! Of course, when we came home and found the mess, he immediately made a run for it… as we chuckled at the situation. He’s such a good boy and very quiet and shy normally – so a bit of misbehavior actually gave us relief. He’s a normal little puppy after all. 100% Westie.

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