I’ve been cutting, gluing and sewing paper on leather today – all the while lamenting my rudimentary skills. Fumbling with what seem like giant hands and clumsy fingers. I most definitely have a love hate relationship with making journals. I love creating them, but the process is far from an easy one. I always run into issues and I always make mistakes. Come to think of it, I make mistakes in everything I do.

We all make mistakes, but I happen to beat myself up a whole lot. It’s been a challenge for me to fail, because somehow I grew up learning to do only the things I was 99% sure of succeeding in. I took the safe and practical route more often than not. Of course, I was missing out on a whole lot of life in doing that. As I stared at the stitching my sewing machine created, I suddenly thought “Hey, the sewing machine makes mistakes too.” The thread gets caught, the stitch is skipped… it happens.

My first thought was to blame the damn machine for all the imperfections. But then I got to thinking about how a tool might have limitations and flaws, but it’s still useful. We don’t negate all the good stuff because of a few mistakes. I know, this is old news for most people. I just thought that it should apply to me as well. I have limitations, flaws, imperfections in my character and skills. I make a whole lot of mistakes and often hit my head from bad coordination and general clumsiness. But instead of being so hard on myself, instead of focusing on the mistake…I should just keep going and realize it’s a-okay. I don’t consider Mr. Mistakes a beloved friend, but I shouldn’t waste my time hating on him either. Hmm… what a thought. This lesson probably applies to more things in life. And that is my pondering for the day 🙂

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