Christmas cheer and holiday festivities fill this time of year and I know I’m not the only one who loves the sights, sounds and cozy family gatherings.  In the art world, there are usually a lot of holiday shows popping up as well, which is a great way to see fabulous work and do some holiday shopping while you’re at it.

Monkeyhouse Toys and Art Gallery is having three shows this month and it’s a place dear to my heart, where I did my first group shows with fellow friends.  It’s a bittersweet time this year because due to various reasons, Monkeyhouse will be closing it’s brick-n-mortar shop in Silverlake, California.  Sigh.  It’s probably not the first time you heard of a crafty artsy shop closing this year.  I hope you will consider dropping by the store and visiting the shows this last month if you are in the Los Angeles area…or visit Monkeyhouse Toys online to help support indie businesses and artists.  There will also be artisans and crafters selling their wares in front of the shop on Saturday starting at 1pm – so drop on by!

Monkeyhouse Toys & Art Gallery
1618 1/2 Silver Lake Bl.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Below are the flyers for the three shows opening this month and to add some shameless self-promotion, I am participating in the “No more monkeys jumping on the bed” show and that’s my plushie monkey on the flyer below.  See how sad he is regarding Monkeyhouse?  He needs a good home!  I am honored to be able to grace the flyer for the show and very thankful and hopeful for the future.  I am happy to report that Monkeyhouse will be continuing online and probably curating pop up shows around town.  We all have to innovate when times change, right?




Hope all of you are doing well and having a great holiday season!  Until next time…

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