I’m happy to report that I “made it” through week 1 of Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells class.

It’s been quite intense with at least one post every weekday, mini exercises and an assignment to complete by the end of the week. I’m filled with inspiration, motiviation and possibility… as well as some initial doubts and fears. There are over 400 students who are super duper talented and amazing. In just one week our group has exploded with fantastic artwork. I was naturally intimidated, but concentrated on creating my own artwork – whatever made me happy – and soon enough I was moving forward on my own creative high.

The experience has already been awesome and I can’t wait for the coming weeks. All my classmates are amazingly supportive – everyone offering great comments and constructive suggestions. You really couldn’t ask for a better group to help you grow! Not to mention, there’s Lilla with all her wisdom and industry information. Creative learning heaven?

One thing that has really blown my mind is Lilla’s talk of icons and basically the process she has shared on how one might approach designing bolt fabric. I love the idea of creating little icons – that’s what I do in my sketchbooks! I love to draw and invent little characters – it just makes me happy. See below, my character filled swatch for the first week about bolt fabric.



I think we often have this misconception that great art just spontaneously combusts into existence in the minds of great artist. When in fact, it’s actually the fruit of very hard work and the routine of letting yourself creatively play.

Suffice to say that I’m happy to have made the investment in taking the class. I also bought Lilla’s book and slowly working through it.


When I filled out the pre-class worksheets, I totally circled this part about the course being the biggest thing in my life right now – at least, after family! Living in Italy and sliding into this culture of slow living has unfortunately pushed me to the borderlands of procrastination at times.

However, now that I’m a mommy, I’ve actually gotten better at managing my time because I have less of it for myself. The estimate of 7+hours a week is nothing if this is really the biggest thing in my life – forget TV and other stuff (laundry?!) – it’s about gathering up all possible time for this one important effort.


I’ve made myself a special journal for the class as well. It’s been so enjoyable to absorb the daily lessons, collaging in my journal and taking notes. It’s learning and creative play wrapped into one!



With all the information my mind is definitely a flurry of ideas. It’s been challenging to actually get everything done on the weekdays, but it gives me time to absorb and marinate ideas. Thankfully, my hubby helps with childcare on the weekends so I have a bit more time to concentrate. By Sunday night I’m totally whipped, but happy at the same time.

It’s like being drunk with creativity. I see the possibility and can’t wait to make art (that sells) – yay! I’m so looking forward to going to class… thank you, Lilla.