Although I fell behind on my December Daily for 2011, I’m still happy to have created the album to begin with. I took photos throughout the holidays, so finally went ahead with organization, printing and adding into my album.

Unfortunately, I sort of forgot what happened in the final week and actually made a huge mistake in my album. I somehow lost a page under a bunch of supplies and started to hack over the pre-printed numbers because I journaled about the wrong day on the wrong page…only to find the lost page after everything was done.

Not to mention, I totally didn’t realize that my photos weren’t going to fit in the stamped frame when printed… what was I planning? Can’t remember. Hmm. Suffice to say, I’m not a fan of having to scrap a whole bunch of days, way afterwards because I have horrible memory.

I suppose that is the reason for scrapbooking…to keep memories, because we often forget the details. It’s so easy to seemingly…lose all our beautiful memories.

I found myself trying so hard to just get the album done with, because I was over it all. Exasperation, you know? It makes me realize that although I love daily projects and the small precious moments that are highlighted, sometimes it can become an annoying or boring process to scrap. I think it depends what you are trying to record in the first place. December daily is very much like week in the life… a record of life that whole period. I’m not sure if that is what I want anymore.

Things change as I learn more about myself and my memory keeping goals. What makes me happy, what is truly meaningful to me or not so much. I have a feeling that my project choices will differ this year. Since I’m embarking on a quasi-project-life scrap album… I don’t see the point of creating a separate album for these daily-type projects anymore. Why not just scrap along as normally?

Anyway, let me stop rambling on about memory keeping philosophy 🙂 I’m happy to have completed my December Daily, even if it’s a bit messy. Lots of great moments for sure. Now I have a holiday photobook to design for the family. Yikes!

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