First of all, I must share the birdhouse I started making yesterday out of a plastic bottle. I finally finished it up, adding fresh flowers and leaves…I think it looks pretty darn cool!

My only fear is that being so low on the ground, birdies might not want to get near it. Maybe it takes time for them to get used to it, but I wanted it in a location where I can spy…hehe…

We’ll see what happens on that front in the coming week. Besides bouncing from one project to the next…I also read a lovely post on EraserQueen’s blog about artist’s block. She was expressing her feelings and discussing what one could do to break through it. Although I’m still feeling inspired in one arena or another at this moment, I totally understood what she was writing about and can relate to periods of feeling dried up on the creativity front. My usual block buster method is switching media, which is probably a normal routine for me as I jump from one project to another constantly. Working on different kinds of projects and different media keeps everything pretty fresh and exciting in my mind, so I definitely think that’s a good tactic. You can go out and take photos for a change, try learning something new or observe nature…really anything to break up the block!

I wanted to join along with EraserQueen’s questionnaire as a way to explore my own creativity – a nice introspective I suppose. So even though I don’t have a specific block right now, I often get into the mode of feeling zapped up and tired. A bit worn out from doing a lot, so I suppose it’s a bit like needing downtime. If I try to force myself to create it usually goes in all the wrong directions, with everything I make being ugly in my eyes…eek! It feels pretty discouraging and can create a lot of doubt in my abilities. It never feels good to have those feelings of inadequacy.

I want to be producing all the time…even though when I think about truthfully, I know it’s a crazy thought. We must have creative cycles, ups and downs like all other aspects of life. Maybe it’s just a matter of undestanding what our personal rhythm is like and flowing with it?

I admire so many different artists and creators in this world and extremely thankfully to always have places to turn to for inspiration. From the grand painting masters of the past to current designers and bloggers today, who share their creative lives online. I blog about inspiration every Monday, to make sure to fill myself up with creative energy on a weekly basis.

I think if I could go anywhere and create art it would be Indonesia…I don’t know why, but I feel as if the lush nature and the culture itself would inspire me so much. It leads me to think of super rich natural colors and those are my favorites to work with…like the bright yellow in pollen and deep green of leaves. This goes hand in hand with my exploration of natural forms. Simple shapes that look so darn cool when put together in the right way really inspires me. I’m so impressed when something looks effortless and I would love to learn more about that. I’m working on some digital pattern designs, so it’ll be a great opportunity to practice, practice, practice! I hope you will drop by and read EraserQueen’s post and questionnaire to pump yourself up a bit. Happy Friday to everyone and have a lovely weekend.

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