I started this blog late July 2009 and after writing over 60 posts and receiving more than 600 comments from you the readers, I’ve learned quite a bit about what blogging means to me and why I want to continue writing.  My goal is to become a self-sustaining artist, to work full-time designing, illustrating and creating cute things.  Ultimately, it’s all about being happy, enjoying life and spreading the good…because life is short and we must cherish and milk it for all it’s worth.  Yup, I said milk it!  That’s what I believe and it drives me forward, allowing me to take some risks, go out on a limb and really experiment and live life to the fullest.


Through my writing, I’ve learned that this blog is a great way for me to express myself and communicate with others.  Certainly, there are crafty people here in Italy and I’ve met the nicest folks who have welcomed me into their culture and society here.  Hey, one can’t complain living amongst the rolling hills of Tuscany…seriously, right!


However, having this online place to connect with anyone in the world who has similar interests is absolutely freeing and liberating.  I don’t feel so foreign and I don’t feel so alone in my thoughts.  I love sharing and know that I need to blog, not just want to.  Additionally, I’ve been able to share my experimentations in my work, get feedback and share my inspirations and ideas for the future.  It’s almost like creating your own studio space and watercooler area virtually.  This blog is an online journal of discovery, it’s about my creative journey, it’s about community and it’s about living a happy life – that is what I hope it to be anyway.


So, I’ve done some research and gone through two blogging e-books written by Craftypod’s Diane Gilleland (Making a Great Blog and Creating a Blog Audience)  – they are great reads to help guide you step-by-step through the process of planning out your blogging strategy.  I’ve also taken notice of aspects I like and don’t like on other great blogs out there, to learn by example.  I’m sure it’s a constant learning process, but I’ve figured some things out, written up a plan and intend to follow it.


My plan and commitment is to blog every weekday – to inspire, update, share goodies, show work in progress and discuss artsy crafty topics.  I’ll be including photos with my nifty Nikon D60 of course and hope you’ll be following along with me on this creative journey.  December is a good time to start something new, right?  It all starts next Monday…woohoo!  Thanks for giving me a bit of your attention and see you again soon, ciao ciao!